Symposium chair:

Prof. Yoshihiko Tsumura (University of Tsukuba)


committee members:
  • Dr. Mineaki Aizawa (Utsunomiya Univ.) for registration
  • Dr. Tomonori Hirao (Forest Tree Breeding Center) for invitation of speakers
  • Dr. Yuichiro Hiraoka (Shizuoka Professional University of Agriculture) for online streaming
  • Dr. Futoshi Ishiguri (Utsunomiya Univ.) for post-symposium party
  • Dr. Shota Sakaguchi (Kyoto Univ.) for website building
  • Dr. Ichiro Tamaki (Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture) for program planning
  • Dr. Kentaro Uchiyama (Forest Research and Management Organization) for venue preparation


If you have any questions about our symposium, feel free to send e-mail to our contact address (contact[at]